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  永隆摩托配件商行座落在广州市白云摩托车批发市场, 是全国规模最大的摩托车配件专业市场。 本部实行摩托车配件生产销售一体化,汇聚了全球一百多家知名厂商产品,业务范围远达中美洲、南美、非洲、中东、东南亚、东欧等国家地区。

  本部主要销售的产品有:大灯、转灯、仪表、后视镜、过滤器、刹车皮、开关、启动电机、装饰件、电器等十大类上百种系列产品, 本公司始终坚持“质量第一、信誉至上、服务到位、不断创新”的宗旨。品种齐、质量好、价格优惠、欢迎新老客户光临惠顾,来样订做。

  YongLong Motorcycle Accdssories Co.,LTD in Guangzhou Baiyun Motorcycle Market .It is the country's largest motorcycle accessories to the professional market. Department motorcycle accessories implement production and sales, brought together more than 100 world-renowned manufacturers products, business Yuanda Central America, South America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and other countries.

  The main headquarters of the products are : headlamps, turn signals, gauges, rear-view mirrors, filters, brake pads, switches, motors start, decorative pieces, Ten types of appliances such as a series of products,They are more than 100 kinds of products. the company always adhere to the "quality first, Reliance, and services in place, continuous innovation "purposes. Qi variety, good quality and price concessions to welcome new and old customers coming patrons to the target.



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